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How to Install and Configure AWS Thinkbox Deadline License Server

Hi everyone! Today I would like to share about how to install and configure AWS Thinkbox Deadline License Server. 

This software is useful when you have bunch of 3D rendering job and want to assign it to multiple machine (usually a render farm). Previousely this software has a license limitation, on free version you can only add 10 render nodes at max. But the good news, Deadline render now free of charge and we can use it for mor than 10 render nodes. Have a look at this link to get more information.

1. Download Deadline license server from AWS Thinkbox page. Select the installer based on your license server OS. For this example, I am using Centos 7.

2. Obtain deadline license from Make sure you have the MAC address of the license server.

On the license page, put the MAC and server name on the respective coloumn, then click download license. License file is a .lic file.

3. Upload the installer and license file to the server, grant execution permission for the installer using command chmod +x then run the installer using command ./

The process pretty much look like this

4. Check the services and make sure they are running

If the process unable to run. Probably you need to install some dependency by running this command

sudo yum install glibc.i686

5. Make sure you have port TCP 2708 and 27008 accesible from the render node.

At this point, you should be able to get the license from render node.

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